Fall 2009, several minutes days after the name Scoutmob was coined and the idea was still in the gestation period, I was brought as a contractor to concept and design the logo, splashpage & site designs, an iPhone app, emails and little bits of collateral here and there. It launched in January 2010 and gained traction... fast. I came on full-time that summer and knocked out close to a million (slightly rounding up) various design elements. We launch two seperate websites, Hand-Picked to sell events and Shoppe as a full-fledged e-commerce site. Along the way we sent a billion emails (not rounding up), threw some kickass parties and played countless doubles ping-pong matches. A random assortment of design projects are below.

Scoutmob Logo
iPhone Screen

iPhone App Homescreen

iPhone Screen

iPhone App Drawer

iPhone Stachecam

iPhone App Stache Cam

Scoutmob Homepage

Scoutmob Local Homepage cir. 2012

Retro email about the app

A Curious Poster Indeed!

Shoppe Homepage

Shoppe Homepage cir 2014

Shoppe Weddings Page

Shoppe Weddings Page

Retro email about the app

App Reminder Email

Scoutmob business cards

Business Cards. Hand Stamped logo and names.

Email about our second round of funding

Funding Round Email

Salt Packaging Labels

Packaging Labels

Moblibs postcard idea

Postcard Idea. (comp)

Invite to our secret users club

Invitation to our secret club Revel

New City Launch Splashpage

New City Splash Page

Scoutmob T-shirts

First Scoutmob Shirts.

Shoppe Makers Logo

Logo for Shoppe Makers

Daily email cir. 2012

Scoutmob Daily Email

Email from our elite users club

Revel Email

Scoutmob World Map Splashpage

US Map Splash Page

Print ad for Creative Loafing

Creative Loafing Print ad on Launch Day

Print ad for Creative Loafing

Concert Tickets on the App