The Creative Circus

From 2007 to 2008 I attended The Creative Circus. I worked my tail off for two years straight, and it was amazing. Below are images from my final design portfolio.

Creative Circus Logo
Steak and Ale Rebrand

Steak & Ale [rebrand] - Steak & Ale is back from the dead. s + a combines an elevated pallate with a cut of wit. The revamped brand pairs perfect steaks with appropriate ales. Cheers.

Steak and Ale Rebrand2

Steak & Ale [rebrand] - Steak rubs, matchbox and beer are only a few of the branded items for sale in the new s+a retail space.

Make the Right Turn

Make The Right Turn [capital campaign] - WINNER OF 2009 AIGA SEED AWARD - STUDENT/NON-PROFIT CATEGORY - SafeRide is a non-profit organization that gives rides and returns vehicles of impaired drivers home safely.

Make the Right Turn Mailers

Make The Right Turn [capital campaign] - First mailer explains the fund-raising goals, second contains a donation card and third directs readers to the web site.

Knead Spa

knead [brand concept] - A luxe day spa created from the mold of a New York City lounge/nightclub.

Urban Seed Booklet

Urban Seed [rebrand] - An extension of Whole Foods Market dedicated to bringing the natural world back into the urban experience through indoor gardens.

Urban Seed Spread

Urban Seed [rebrand] - Interior pages showing new member items and seed packaging.

Urban Seed Spread

L Class [brand extension] - Luxury class rail car on Chicago's "L" transit system.

Urban Seed Spread

L Class [brand extension] - Membership book has pages die cut to mimic the contours of the "L" map of downtown Chicago.

Lucky Dog Brand Guide

Lucky Dog [brand concept/corporate standards] - A race-inspired corporate standards manual for an amateur auto racing league.

Zoo Atlanta Rebrand

Zoo Atlanta [business system] - Logo and collateral are updated with a family-friendly mark to create a greater awareness among future zoo patrons.

1pot2 dim sum restaraunt

1pot2 [brand concept] - A dim sum restaurant modeled after an upscale ready-to-serve eatery. Named for the tradition of sharing one pot of tea between two or more people.

Pocket Drum Magazine

Pocket [magazine design] - Drumming magazine that brings a fresh face to the litany of lifeless drumming periodicals.

Pocket Drum Magazine Spreads

Pocket [magazine design] - Table of contents and feature spread for the March issue.